Tina Frundt

Jay Atlas: Born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Jay Atlas grew up the older of two children to a single mother. A series of poor mistakes made following high school ultimately led Jay to drop out of college where he created a history of drug and alcohol abuse, physical altercations, and run-ins with law enforcement. 

In January of 2013, Jay reluctantly attended the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. While listening to Louis Giglio introduce the reality of human trafficking, and after hearing a 16 year old girl speak on her history of exploitation by her parents, Jay sought a sober and meaningful life. 
Six months clean, he and his brother set out to tell the country that “slavery still exists” the only way they could and the two walked from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California. What would be the first of a series of cross country tours, the young men logged 3400 miles, detouring in Cleveland (OH), Chicago (IL), Kansas City (MO), Phoenix (AZ), walking city to city with small pamphlets and  large signs on their backs that read “End Human Trafficking.” The sign was noticed by a young woman who would ultimately seek intervention for herself, a 4 year old daughter and cousin who were being exploited by a well-known local man.

Since, the teams have grown and changed and, in total, 7 young adults have joined Worthwhile: GO –logging over 13,000 miles (walking and cycling) in 367 days and intervening on behalf of over a dozen women. Jay now spends his time working with students in Philadelphia, and fundraising for the safe house/restoration program, The Well, run by Worthwhile: GO’s parent organization, Worthwhile Wear.


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