Carolina Fuentes

Laramie Gorbett: Laramie has always fostered a passion for advocacy and activism and has taken that passion and implemented it into her personal, academic and professional life. She received her BA in Anthropology from Texas Tech University in 2002 where she was a McNair Scholar. In her graduate studies at New Mexico State University (MA 2006) and USC she used non-human primates as models to explore violence against females from a cross-cultural, biological and evolutionary perspective. Laramie has many years of experience working with survivors of complex trauma, including her work at Women’s Protective Services, Lubbock Rape Crisis Center, Domestic Violence Educational Services in California, Williamson County Crisis Center, Trinity Center and as a Victims Counselor with Travis County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services. She has facilitated specialized training for law enforcement, victim services, and non-governmental organizations. In 2009 Laramie founded Empower Art, an emerging non-profit that teaches healthy coping skills to survivors of abuse through music and art workshops. She developed curriculum specifically for survivors of complex trauma. She has facilitated hope and healing workshops for survivors of human trafficking, refugees, and other marginalized populations domestically and abroad including, Uganda, Thailand, and Cambodia.


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