Maya Pilgrim

Latasha Morrison is a fellow abolitionist, bridge-builder, reconciler and a leading voice in the fight against human trafficking. Having worked with youth and serving as a Children’s & the Next Gen Director, she has developed an untamed passion for social justice issues across the globe. Latasha is using her compelling voice to encourage racial reconciliation among all ethnicities and end racialization in America. She has an unwavering passion to develop others to do the same. Latasha is a native of North Carolina were she attended East Carolina University and a Masters in Business from Liberty University. Latasha spoke on the behalf of several grassroots organizations with in the Atlanta Metro area. She moved to Austin in 2012, and joined Allies Against Slavery in building a “Slave Free City”.  As a frequent speaker at trainings and workshops, Latasha is known for her entertaining and engaging presentations that compel audiences to use their gifts and passions to fight injustice. Her tenacious spirit and faith in God make her a dynamic speaker. Latasha works with various grass-roots organizations in her community.  Latasha embodies the statement “Injustice anywhere in a threat to Justice everywhere.” 


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